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Changes to Covid-19 legislation


Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s),


Following the changes in legislation regarding Covid-19, I wanted to write to you and provide an update on how the ongoing challenges presented by the virus continue to be met by schools, how these are being managed with the recent changes to legislation, and how you can help.


The Cardiff and Vale Region continues to be classified as ‘moderate risk’, as case rates have been climbing over the past few weeks. The rise in cases continues to present challenges with staffing in some areas and, as a last resort, there may be instances of class closures due to illness. In such cases, and wherever possible, our dedicated school staff have continued to deliver online learning, to minimise disruption to our pupils.


From Monday, 28 March, the legal requirement for self-isolation and masks in public areas is no longer in force. However, while the legislation has changed, the current operational guidance for schools has not. Covid-19 has not gone away and continues to present challenges.  While we continue to work through the transition to Welsh Government’s strategy of living with Covid, it is still strongly advised that anyone with symptoms continue to take a test, and that in the interests of public health, anyone with a positive test continue to self-isolate. Details on the current guidance from self-isolation can be found here online at


Schools continue to operate under their specific Covid risk assessments, as the legislation continues to require that businesses, organisations and workplaces put in place reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Our schools continue to monitor and review these on a regular basis, and are taking proportionate responses based on local circumstances, to balance the need for face-to-face learning, and keeping our schools safe.


You can help us to continue to disrupt the transmission of the virus by:


  • self-isolating when you feel unwell
  • wearing masks in crowded places
  • keeping up to date with your vaccinations


Continuing with protective behaviours is important and will help to minimise exposure to and spread of COVID-19, as well as other respiratory infections and other diseases.


If you have any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, you should self-isolate and take a lateral flow test (LFT). You can order LFTs online at  or call 119 between 7am and 11pm (calls are free).


The main symptoms of COVID-19 continue to be:


  • a high temperature
  • a continuous cough
  • loss or change of taste or smell


The next few months will see further work in transitioning to Welsh Government’s Living with Covid strategy, and we will continue to do everything we can to keep learners in the classroom, and to keep our schools safe. We are grateful for your ongoing support and will continue to provide updates as they become available. Should you have any specific queries regarding attendance, please contact your local school.


Yours sincerely,



Paula Ham

Director of Learning and Skills